Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, Autumn 2014 
2. Adsorption of Basic Blue 41 from Aqueous Solution onto Coconut Fiber Particles

Pages 15-28

Mona Yazdanshenas; Khosro Farizadeh; Ardeshir Fazilat; Saeid Ahmadi

3. The Stability and Properties of Mn+@ C26-2nBnNn(M= alkaline and earth alkaline metals; n=0, 3) Complexes for Synthesis Application

Pages 29-36

Reza Ghiasi; Hadi Bharifar; Simzar Hosseinzade; Mohammad Ail Zarinfard; Amir Hossein Hakimyoun

4. Immobilization of Cobaloxime on MCM- 41

Pages 37-45

Goldasteh Zarei; Forouzan Zonouzi

7. Study on the Adsorption of Samarium and Gadolinium Ions by a Biopolymer Microcapsules Containing DEHPA/TOPO Extract

Pages 61-69

Elham Delrish; Alireza Khanchi; Mohammad Outokesh; Ahmad Tayyeb; Kambiz Tahvildari