Magnetic Ionic Liquid Functionalized Sulfonic Acid: a Green and Efficient Catalyst for the One-pot Synthesis of 1-Amidoalkyl-2-Naphtols

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Chemistry, Omidiyeh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Omidiyeh, Iran.


In this study, a novel acidic magnetic dicationic ionic liquid was prepared in three steps to serve as a green  catalyst  in  organic  synthesis.  The  newly  synthesized  catalyst  was  characterized UV- VIS,  and  VSM  analysis.  Additionally,  the  decomposition  steps  a
catalyst  were investigated by thermal  analysis  techniques  (TGA/DSC).  The  synthesized  acidic magnetic dicationic ion liquid has a magnetization of about 0.3 emu/g, which is less than FeCl emu.g- 1). Moreover, the catalytic activity of this acidic ionic liquid was successfully tested in the straight  forward  one-pot  synthesis reaction between β-naphthol, aldehyde, and acetamide or Benzamide. The pure  products  were  determined  by  analyzing  their  physical  data  (melting  points,  IR method  has  several  advantages  such  as  easy  work yield, and high atom economy. The catalyst can be reused and recovered without losing activity.