Application of magnetized Sawdust Cross-linked by polyethyleniminefor removal Zn2+ from aqueous solution

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Faculty of Chemistry, Tehran North Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran,Iran

2 Faculty of Chemistry and Petrochemical Engineering, Standard Research Institute (SRI), Karaj, Iran


The need to elimination heavy metal from aqueous solutions cannot be over emphasized.Very studies have investigated the removal heavy metal from water. In this study a new magnetic nanocomposite of PEI on magnetized Sawdust (SD/MNP/PEI) was prepared. Investigations were conducted to study the adsorption behavior of heavy metal Zn (II) on the SD/MNP/PEI nanocomposite in aqueous medium by varying parameters such as contact time, pH, and initial metal concentration. Zn (II) adsorption was broadly dependent of pH. Isotherm data demonstrate that the Langmuir adsorption model was the best-suited model for this study. The results confirmed the good adsorption capacity of the new magnetic nanocomposite for the removal of Zn (II) from aqueous solutions and its great potential for practical applications.