One pot, Five-component Synthesis of Functionalized Piperidines Using Zn(OAc)2.2H2O as a Highly Efficient Catalyst


1 Young Researcher and Elite Club, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran

2 Faculty of Science, Velayat University, Iranshahr, Iran


A convenient synthetic route for the synthesis of biologically active functionalized piperidines using
Zn(OAc)2.2H2O as a highly efficient catalyst via five-component reaction of aromatic aldehydes,
anilines and β-ketoesters at ambient temperature has studied. Mild reaction conditions, simplicity of
operation and work-up procedures with no necessity of chromatographic purification steps, the
availability and easy to handle of this solid catalyst and good to high yields are the notable benefits
for the highly efficient synthesis of these products.