Investigation on Durability of Copper Nano Particles on Cotton Fiber


Textile Department, Yadegare Imam khomeini (RAH) Shahre Rey Branch, Islamic Azad University,Tehran, Iran


In recent years, metal nano particles such as silver, copper and zinc have developed in textile
finishing. Copper nano particles are used in wound dressings and socks to give them antibacterial
properties. In the present paper, cotton fabrics were treated with different concentrations of Cu nano
particles colloidal solution. For investigation of the durability of nano particles on cotton fabric,
laundering test was carried out. Antibacterial activity, wetting time, bending length, crease recovery
angle and whiteness were investigated. Cu ions contents on cotton fabric were determined using
atomic absorption spectroscopy and the chemical bonding was detected using the FTIR/ATR
spectroscopy. The scanning electron microcopy was used for surface morphology studies. The
results showed that increase of copper nano particles concentration increased antibacterial activity,
and after repeated laundering, some of copper nano particles were removed from the fabric so that
bacteria reduction reached to 92 %. Whiteness decreased by Cu nano particles coating. Increase of
copper nano particles concentration increased crease recovery angle, bending length, wetting time.
Atomic absorption analysis showed the decrease of copper ion content after repeated laundering.