Influence of O2 and N2 Concentrations on the Characteristics of Plasma in DC Cylindrical Magnetron Discharge by Langmuir Probe

Document Type: Research Paper



Using the Langmuir probe method, the reactive plasma parameters were studied in different
ratios of oxygen and nitrogen concentrations in a DC cylindrical discharge device.The plasma
parameters such as plasma potential, electron density and electron temperature wereextracted
from the current-voltage characteristic’s curve of Langmuir probe to find the optimum
conditions for deposit the oxynitride thin films.Chromium thin films were exposed to various
O2/N2 partial pressures to obtain optimum valuefor produce of oxynitride chrome thin films.
In addition, the influence of the magnetic field on the structural properties of the chrome
oxynitride thin films was obtained. It is observed that for equal percentage of reactive gases,
the optimum condition of the plasma discharge takes place in which the crystalline phases of
oxynitride chrome thin films appear.