One-pot Four-component Reaction for Convenient Synthesis of New Quinoxaline Derivatives in the Presence of K2CO3

Document Type: Research Paper



Convenient and simple procedures for the synthesis of functionalized Quinoxaline derivatives were developed via one-pot four-component reaction of o-aminoanilin, acetylenic ester, and malonyl dichloride in the presence of K2 CO3 as effective base catalyst. These compounds widely are used in various industries like paint, pharmaceutical and medicine. Quinoxaline derivatives are also part of antibiotics structure such as Actinomycin, Lomacin. In other hand, using of K2 CO3 as economically catalyst and the simplicity of the present procedure for synthesis of Quinoxaline derivatives makes it an interesting alternative to complex multistep approaches.. The structures of the newly synthesized compounds were confirmed by their elemental analysis and spectral data.