A Highly Efficient Protocol for the Synthesis of 2-Amidoalkylphenols using SO3H-Functionalized Phthalimide (SFP) under Solvent-free Conditions

Document Type: Research Paper



A highly efficient and simple protocol for the synthesis of 2-amidoalkylphenols has been described. The one-pot multi-component condensation of phenols with aromatic aldehydes and amides in the presence of catalytic amount of SO3H-functionalized phthalimide (SFP) under solvent-free conditions afford the title compounds in high yields and relatively short reaction times. It is noteworthy that the reaction between phenols, arylaldehydes and amides has been scarcely studied in the literature (in spite of the condensation of 2-naphthol with arylaldehydes and amides, which has been extensively reported).