Electrochemical and Theoretical Studies of Adsorption of 1-H-benzotriazole at Stainless Steel in Hydrochloric acid Solution Interface as Corrosion Inhibitors

Document Type: Research Paper



The influence of the concentration of1-H-benzoteriazolon the corrosion of 316 stainless
steel (SS) in chloride acid 1M solutions was studied. The potentiodynamics polarization and
scanning electron microscopy (SEM) have been used. The inhibition efficiency increased with
an increase in the concentration of1-H-benzoteriazol.The adsorption of1-H-benzoteriazol onto
the SS surface occurs according to the Langmuirisotherm. The corrosion kinetic parameters
of 316 stainless steel and thermodynamicadsorption parameters for1-H-benzoteriazolwere
determined and discussed.