Aging Study of Transformer Oil-Impregnated Repulped and Standard Cellulose by Measuring of 2-furfural Content of the Oil

Document Type: Research Paper



In order to evaluate the reliability of using repulped cellulose in transformers, the aging
process was applied on standard and repulped cellulose in a laboratory accelerated model
by increasing of temperature to 150 ° C and their behavior was monitored by measuring the
amount of 2-furfural released in oil by HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) in
the consecutive aging periods and the results was compared. The results were fitted to estimate
the aging behaviors according to the content of 2 - furfural that released in oil. The obtained
results showed that behavior of two types of cellulose is almost the same. Therefore, it can
be concluded that the moulded insulating parts made of repulped cellulose can be used in the
insulation system of power transformers with a good and acceptable reliability.