Decolorization of Cationic and Anionic Textile Blue Dyes from Aqueous Solution with Advanced Oxidation Process Using H2O2 and Various Catalysts

Document Type: Research Paper



In this study, we used advanced oxidation process (AOP)for the removal of a cationic and anionic blue dyes, namely Basic Blue 3 (BB3) and Acid blue 62(AB62), from aqueous solutions. Fenton reactions are mixture of H2 O2 and Fe2+. However this paper investigates the application of twelve different catalysts such as: FeCl2 , FeSO4, (NH4 )Fe(SO4 )2 , FeCl3 , Nano iron (Fe0 ), Fe(NO3 )3 , K2FeO4 , Nano Silver (Ag̊ ), Nano ZnO, Zn(NO3 )2 , Nano Al2O3 andAl2 (SO4 )3 , with the H2 O2 . The formed hydroxyl radicals led to the oxidative degradation of BB3& AB62. The results show that the optimum amounts of reagent was 5.6 mg/L as a metal catalyst and 30mM of H2O2 for an initial dye concentration at 50 mg/L. The percentremoval of dye were found to be strongly influenced by the increasing of the oxidant and metal catalyst up to a certain value. It was found that the maximum removal of dye (up to 99.9%.) was enhanced using pH = 3.The best catalyst for the decomposition of AB62 dye was FeCl2 and for BB3 dye wasNH4Fe(SO4 )2 .The correlation coefficient (R2 ) obtained from first order reaction model were found to be higher than 0.98 for both investigated dyes. Comparing the results shows that the removal of AB62 is more feasible compare with BB3.