Synthesis of Silica/Polystyrene Nanocomposite Particles by Miniemulsion Polymerization

Document Type: Research Paper



Miniemulsion polymerization is one of heterogeneous polymerization method that can be
effectively used to synthesis of various novel organic-inorganic nanocomposite particles. This
method can provide opportunity of good incorporation between the polymer and inorganic
phases in the formed submicrometer-sized particles. In this article, we report preparation
polystyrene/silica nanocomposite particles via miniemulsion polymerization of styrene
(St). Synthesis of the nanocomposite particles were performed using γ-methacryloxyprop
yltrimethoxysilane (MPS) which perform compatibility of silica and the polymer phase by
covalent interactions. Morphology, particle size, spectroscopic characteristics and thermal
properties of resulted nanocomposite particles were studied. TEM study showed a raspberry
like morphology for the nanocomposite particles. FT-IR spectroscopy confirmed the presence
of polystyrene and silica with MPS compatibilizer in the structure of the nanocomposite.
Thermogravimetric analysis and Differential scanning calorimetry studies showed that the
incorporation of silica in polymer matrix results variation in thermal stability and glass
transition temperature of nanocomposite particles relative to that of the polymer without
silica in it.