The Glycolysis of Poly (ethylene terephthalate) Waste:Recovery of Terephthalic Acid by Magnetic FeO@APTS Nanoparticle

Document Type : Research Paper



In this research, the chemical recycling of terephthalic acid from PET waste by using nano Fe3O4@Py-APTS as solid support was reported. The performance of organically modified nano magnetic was examined in detail and the results were compared with unsupported reactions as the model. By using the solid support, the required time for complete glycolysis, consumption of solvent and catalyst, decreased up 95 %, 37.5 % and 30 % respectively.
Results showed that nano Fe3O4@Py-APTS delivered good performance as the reagent as
well as the solid support in depolymerizing of PET to the terephthalic acid.