Environmental Remediation of Organic Pollutants in Synthesized and Characterized Aqueous Suspension by Photochemical Method: A Kinetic Study

Document Type: Research Paper



Comparative study of the of azo Dyes (as a class important organic pollutants photodegradation process) in aqueous solution employing H2 O2 /UV and K2 S2 O8 /UV systems in a photochemical reactor were investigated. Lead zirconate titanate [Pb (Zr0.58Ti0.42) O3 ] (PZT) nanocatalyst was synthesized via the sol-gel method. Then, photocatalytic properties of dopant type on PZT were determined in a UV photoreactor in the presence of different radical generators. These comparative studies showed that PZT/TiO2 and PZT/TiO2 /FeCl3 have higher efficiency than the others.