Synthesis of Iron Yttrium Garnet Nanoparticles by Reverse Microemulsion Method

Document Type: Research Paper



Colloidal nanodispersion of Iron Yttrium Garnet has been preparedbymixing the two ternary mixture of Triton X-100 (surfactant), n-heptane and aqueous solution that differing only in the aqueous phase.Ethanolwas added as cosurfactant and mixed them by ultrasound bath. By mixing these twomicroemulsions, Iron Yttrium garnet (Y3 Fe5 O12) nanodispersionwas obtained. Solids were settled by centrifuge, washed and dried,then solids were calsinatedat 800 ◦C, 2 hour, and were characterized them by Scanning Electronic Microscope (SEM).