Unidimensional Thin Layer Chromatography of Salicylic Acid Derivatives on Boric Acid-Impregnated Plates in Drugs Studies

Document Type: Research Paper



A unidimensional Thin Layer Chromatography system for the separation of salicylic acid and its derivatives (sulfosalicylic acid and Aspirin) has been developed. The separation was successfully using a solvent system of chloroform-methanol-water-ammonium hydroxide 120:75:6:2 (V/V) as mobile phase on TLC plates impregnated with boric acid. The method is based on different behavior of investigated compounds in impregnated TLC plates with different amount of boric acid. The effect of boric acid contents of TLC plates on separation factors like resolution (Rs ), capacity factor (k’) and selectivity factor (α) were investigated.