Application of Magnetic Nano Adsorbent Fe2O3 for Removal of Hazardous Ponceau-S Dye from Aqueous Solution

Document Type: Research Paper



The photodegradation of Ponceau-S dye was investigated using UV radiation in presence of nanosized Fe2 O3 .Removal efficiency of Ponceau-S was sensitive to the operational parameters such as dye concentration, catalyst dose, pH, contact time, TOC and COD. The photocatalytic treatment of red colored Ponceau-S dye by magnetic nano semiconductor (Fe2 O3 )is an effective, economic and faster mode. The kinetics and isotherm studies were carried out. A simple kinetics model was proposed which confirmed pseudo second order reaction. Langmuir isotherm fitted this study. The optimum conditions for the degradation of the dye were initial concentration 50 mgL-1, pH 8, contact time 20 minutes and catalyst dose 5 gL-1 of Fe2 O3 .The semiconductor photocatalyst was also carried out for SEM and XRD analysis which confirms the utilized semiconductor was nanosized.