Thein vitro and in vivo Effect of Clinoptiloliteon Decreasing of Copper Ion and DNA Damage of Anodonta Cygnea

Document Type: Research Paper



The ability of natural zeolite (Clinoptilolite) to remove copper from aqueous ecosystem was studied in real and laboratory conditions. Fresh water mussels (Anodonta Cygnea) of different sizes were Exposed to copper (150, 350, 450 µgl-1) for 10 days. Copper exposure induced DNA damage in the haemolymph cells of Anodonta of all sizes. In connection with real samples, the amount of damage and even much higher than the first (150 µgl-1) and second (450 µgl-1) treatments was observed. Presence of zeolite in the aquatic environment removed Cu2+ and specially reduced DNA damage in all samples. In vitro results showed a significant reduction of copper metal. Decreasing of other heavy metals Concentration is also observed in vivo. Damage to DNA and to other biomolecules by copper, mean that the availability of Cu2+ ions in vivo must be carefully controlled. analysis of variance and other tests were performed for determination of optimum quantities and exposure time of adsorbent in vivo and in vitro.