Preparation of Perovskite Nanocomposites and Photochemical Degradation Kinetics of Acid Yellow 199

Document Type: Research Paper



In this study PbZrO3 was prepared as a matrix by the sol-gel process and is characterized by XRD and SEM techniques. The particle size of the synthesized nanocomposite is evaluated about 43 nm. The Lead Zirconate is then doped with Ce3+/TiO2 in different ratios. Nanocomposites are added in the reaction in a photoreactor with a pollutant (an Azo dye) and as a result the degradation percentage is obtained. The degradation was studied by monitoring the change in substrate concentration employing UV spectroscopic analysis technique. Kinetic studies on these nanocomposites are carried out based on the related models and the reaction order is evaluated. Finally, Surface adsorption of the pollutants on the nanocomposite surface is measured through IR technique.