Synthesize of Ion Imprinted Polymer for Selective Extraction of lead (II) from Environmental Water Samples

Document Type: Research Paper



A new Pb(II) imprinted mercapto functionalized Montmorillonite was synthesize by an easy one step reaction by combining a surface imprinting technique for selective phase extraction of Pb(II) prior to its determinations by flame atomic absorption spectroscopy. The modified sorbent was characterized by FTIR and studied for preconcentration and determination of Pb(II) in natural water samples. The optimum pH value for sorption of lead (II) was 5.5. A recovery of 100% was obtained for lead (II), with 0.5 M nitric acid as eluting agent. The kinetic study reveals good accessibility of the chelating sites in the imprinted sorbent for uptake of selected ion. The sorption capacity was obtained at 27 mg·g−1 at optimum condition and 20o C.