Application of Differential Kinetic Method Using ANN with a New Synthetic Reagent for Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination of Mercury and Palladium

Document Type: Research Paper



A new selective reagent was used for simultaneous determination of mercury and palladium in real samples with their different kinetic spectrophotometric properties. The method is based on the difference in the rate of the oxidation reaction of the recently synthesized reagent, nitro benzoyl diphenylmethylen phosphorane (N-BDMP), with Hg2+ and Pd2+. The kinetic profiles were monitored and recorded at maximum wavelength of reagent, and the data obtained from the experiments were processed by a chemometric approach (principal component analysis-artificial neural network models (PCFFNNs)). Performances of the proposed method were tested with regard to relative standard error (RSE), using synthetic solutions. Under the working conditions, the proposed method was successfully applied to the simultaneous determination of Hg2+ and Pd2+ in water, waste water and urine samples. The results showed that mercury and palladium could be determined simultaneously in the range of 4.00×10-7 to 1.00×10-4 mol L-1(0.08 to 20.06 μg mL-1) and 1.00×10-6 to 1.00×10-4 mol L-1 (0.11 to 10.64μg mL-1), respectively. Investigation of the effect of other metals on the system shows that this reagent is very selective for these two analytes and other metal ions do not show any interference.