Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Ferrite synthesized by Hydrothermal and Co-precipitation Methods: A Comparative Study

Document Type: Research Paper



The magnetic properties of calcined cobalt ferrite formed by nano-crystalline powders have been compared by two different methods (co-precipitation and hydrothermal). The structural properties of the produced powders were investigated by X-ray Diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results show that the formation of cobalt ferrite spinel structures is effected by changing methods. Both techniques were effective and led to the production of spinel phase and crystalline nano-powders. Magnetic hysteresis was measured by using a vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) in a maximum field of 10 kOe. The saturation magnetization (Ms), remanence (Mr) and coercivity (Hc) were derived from the hysteresis loops. The results revealed that the magnetic properties of nano-particles depend on the structure, composition and size of particle.