Synthesis and Screening of Some New Isatin Containing Thiazole Derivatives for Antimicrobial Activity

Document Type: Research Paper



In the present work, a series of new N’-[{5-(4-aryl) 1,3-thiazol-2yl}carbohydrazide-methyl]- 3(4-arylimino) indol-2-one analogs (5a-g) had heen synthesized from 3-(4-arylimino)-2-oxo- 1-indole-acetylthiosemicarbazide (4a-g) in ethanol, in the presence of phenacyl bromide or substituted phenacyl bromides. The compound 5e was characterized by its elemental analysis, IR, 1 HNMR and Mass Spectroscopy. The synthesized compounds (5a-g) were evaluated for in vitro antibacterial activity and antifungal activity against various strains of bacteria and fungi.