The Stability and Properties of Mn+@ C26-2nBnNn(M= alkaline and earth alkaline metals; n=0, 3) Complexes for Synthesis Application

Document Type: Research Paper



The structural and electronic properties of C24-2nBn Nn and M@ C24-2nBn Nn (M= alkaline and earth alkaline metals; n=3 and 6) molecules are studied using the Density Functional Theory (DFT). It was found that the most interaction is in M@ C24-2nBn Nn complexes (M=Be, Mg; n=3 and 6). The negative nucleus-independent chemical shifts confirm that C24-2nBn Nn (n=3 and 6) cages exhibit aromatic characteristics. The molecular analysis reveals a linear correlation between isotropic polarizability values and HOMO-LUMO gaps energies in stable complexes.