Decolorization and Degradation of Basic Blue 3 and Disperse Blue 56 Dyes Using Fenton Process

Document Type: Research Paper



In this study, oxidative discoloration of Basic blue3 (B.B3) and Disperse blue56 (D.B56) dyes in synthetic textile wastewater has been studied using Fenton (Fe2+/H2 O2 ) process. The Fenton’s technique showed satisfactory color removal efficiency. The operating parameters such as concentration of Fe2+, dose of H2 O2 , initial concentration of dye, time contact, initial volume of wastewater that affected of discoloration in Fenton’sprocess were investigated. The optimized condition was determined and it was found that the obtained efficiency was about 99%for B.B3 and D.B56 dyes after 2 to 40 min ofcontact time based on initial concentration of dye for a given initial pHi =3. Chemical oxygen demand (COD)removal indicates partial and significant mineralization and degradation of two dyes B.B3 (88%) and D.B56(72%).The results of experiments showed that degradation of B.B3 and D.B56 in Fenton oxidation can be described with a pseudo-first-order kinetic model.