Solvent Effect on Protonation Constants of L-alanine and Alanine Methyl ester in Different Aqueous Solutions of 1,4-Dioxane

Document Type: Research Paper



The protonation constants of alanine and alanine methyl ester were determined in different aqueous solutions of 1,4-dioxane containing (0-50% v/v), using a potentiometric method at 25o C and constant ionic strength 0.1 mol.L-1 (NaCl). The protonation constants were analyzed in terms of Kamlet, Abboud and Taft (KAT) parameters. The results show that the effect of β is higher in comparison with the other parameters (α and π*). Single-parameter correlation of the constants versus α, β, and π* are poor in all solutions. But multi-parameter correlation represents significant improvements with regard to the single- parameter models.