Antifungal Activity of Silver Nanoparticle in Different Sizes against Some Pathogenic Fungi

Document Type : Research Paper



Skin infection caused by Tricophyton rubrum and some opportunistic fungi such as Candida. Albicance and Aspergillus. fumigatus occur in various parts of the body and sometimes are difficult to be treated. Antifungal effects of spherical silver nanoparticles (nano-Ag) were investigated in this study. Although silver nanoparticle has long been used as effective inorganic antifungal agent; the antifungal activity of nano-Ag in different size has not been investigated yet. In this study nano-Ag in diameter size of 10, 20, 40 nm were examined. The minimal inhibitory concentration (completive visual growth inhibition) of these nanoparticles ranged from 4-16 µg/ml for all fungal test strain. Thus, the current study indicates nano- Ag may have considerable antifungal activity, deserving further investigation for clinical applications.