A Survey on Adsorption of Heavy Metals Including Pb(II) and Co(II)on the Montmorillonite/Copper Oxide Nanocomposites and Montmorillonite Clays

Document Type: Research Paper



In this survey adsorption of some heavy metals such as cobalt and lead on montmorillonite
and montmorillonite/copper oxide nano-composite is reported. Adsorption percent and
adsorption capacity were studied under different conditions such as pH concentration of metal
ions amount of clay and interaction time. The results show that an increase in absorption
percent and absorption capacity with increasing pH and contact time between adsorbent and
solution. Also by increasing the initial metal ion concentration and decreasing the amount of
clay the adsorption percent decreases and the adsorption capacity increases. The adsorption
data is a good fit with Langmuir isotherm.