Removal of Anionic Brown 14 and Cationic Blue 41 dyes via Fenton Process

Document Type : Research Paper



Textile wastewater contains a number of dyes which are known to be toxic and carcinogenic.
In this study the results show that the Fenton (Fe2+/H2O2) process is an efficient method for
the removal of Acid Brown 14 (A.BR14) and Cationic Blue 41 (C.B41) dyes from textile
wastewater. In this method, two reagents Fe2+and H2O2 are used and do not require any
additional energy. Several experiments showed that the pH level was an important parameter
for this method. Fe2+ concentration was also an important factor in the experiment. The UV-
Visible spectrophotometer analysis was used for verifying the results. Some of the important
parameters were as follows. Initial dye concentration range: 50-500 mg/L, initial volume
range: 50-500mL, initial pH: 3-5, concentration of Fe2+ as a catalyst: 4-18 mg/L, dose of H2O2 as an oxidant: 1.13, 2.26, 3.39g/L, and limitation time: 3-18 minutes. An efficiency of greater than 99% was observed for both dyes.