Removal of Neodymium from Aqueous Solutions Using a New Fe-modified Nanoporous Adsorbent of Fe-MCM-41

Document Type: Research Paper



In our study a new Fe-modified nano porous of MCM-41 was synthezied hydrothermally
with cetyltrimethylammoniumbromide (C16TAB) as surfactant and charactrizied using XRD,
SEM, FT-IR and BET. This work reports the adsorption of Neodymium from aqueous solution
onto Fe-MCM-41.100 ml of stock solution of Neodymium was prepared.Various factors such
as pH,the amount of adsorbent were considered. The optimium conditions obtained were:
pH value= 5-8,the amount of Fe-MCM-41=0.0025gr.The Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin and
Dubinin-Rudeshkuvich models have been applied and the equilibrium adsorption was found
fit the Freundlich isotherm model(R2= 0.98). The removal amount of adsorbed Neodymium
was obtained 97% and charactrizied by Inductivity coupled optical emission spectroscopy