Swelling Characterization of Nanocomposite Hydrogels of Poly (acrylamide-N-vinylimidazole)

Document Type: Research Paper



In this study, a hydrogel composed of acrylamide (AAm) with N-vinylimidazole (NVI)
as co-monomer, with a cross-linker such as N, N` Methylenebisacrylamide and potassium
peroxodisulfate as an initiator solution was prepared. Poly (AAm/NVI) hydrogels were
synthesized by free radical solution polymerization. Swelling experiments were performed
in water at 25°C, gravimetrically. Here, it was of interest to increase the water absorption
capacity of AAm hydrogels with add VI. AAm is a highly hydrophilic monomer, and VI
monomer is neutral. The one purpose of this study is to combine both monomers in one
polymer. In this respect, a series of hydrogels was synthesized by changing the content of
AAm and VI. Then, some swelling of these hydrogels was studied in water.