HCl- Etched Steel Fiber for Determination of Phthalates in Water Samples by Solid-Phase Microextraction

Document Type: Research Paper



In the present work, a stainless steel wire was etched by hydrochloric acid during a chemical
etching process. The obtained black layer on the surface of the fiber was used as sorbent for
extraction of trace amount of phthalates in the aqueous samples by solid phase microextraction.
New fiber efficiency was investigated using a home-made solid-phase microextraction
(SPME) device and gas chromatography/flame ionization detection (GC-FID). The effect of
the key parameters on extraction and desorption process such as extraction time, extraction
temperature, salt addition, desorption time and temperature were optimized. New fiber has
easy made process, high thermal and mechanical stability and low-cost. Validation of the
method was carried out under the optimized condition and the results showed that calibration
curves were linear in the range of 5 to 300 μg L−1 for the target analytes. Limits of detection
were ranged between 0.02-1.8 μg L−1 (S/N=3). Intra-day, Inter-day and fiber-to-fiber
reproducibilites were investigated in different concentrations (at a concentration of 50 μgL−1, precisions were between, 2.94-6.15, 6.85-8.13 and 8.90-13.76 respectively).